About Katrine Kalleklev

Welcome to my site! This is a little resume in english:

I am a norwegian visual artist and writer. Currently I live and work in Ås, near Oslo, together with my two sons and two cats.
I have a Master Degree from Oslo National Academy of the arts (1994–99) and have also studied norwegian language, litterature and design.

Digital surrealistic photomontages

My digital photomontages are often dreamy and mystical, like small scenes from an imagined fairy tale world. They are perhaps a bit melancholic and very symbolic.

I also take great interest in literature and writing. In between making art, I write and edit articles about art for the norwegian digital encyclopedia (snl.no) and for my own blog, Magasin Pittoresk. I also do freelance-work as a literary consultant.
Sometimes I write my own poems and stories.

Utmattelsen av Katrine Kalleklev
Katrine Kalleklev: The Fatigue

Motto 1: A life without a cat and a piano is no life

My cat Fia (and me) in the garden. And yes – I also like to play the piano.

Motto 2: Imagination makes anything possible